The Samsung brand is more popular than Apple in Europe

The new funny commercials gave to the latest smartphone Galaxy Nexus produced by Samsung an advantage over the iPhone from Apple, according to a survey specialist.

The latest campaign launched by Samsung to promote the smartphone Galaxy Nexus unexpectedly increased the reputation of this brand, the Korean company enjoying at this moment by a greater popularity than Apple, according to a survey realized by YouGov.

Galaxy Nexus device advertisements scorn Apple fans that stay at endless lines to buy the latest model of iPhone, binds to the short battery life, the lower resolution screens or the lack of 4G connectivity of the iPhones.

Samsung’s campaign resembles strikingly with the one launched by Apple in 2006 against Microsoft, called “Get a Mac”. Unlike the Apple counter ads, the advertising spots to promote the device Galaxy Nexus avoid to mentioning the name of Apple or to show the logo of the rival Company.

According to the YouGov survey, Apple brand has decreased in popularity especially among the adult population over 50 years. This is due to lack of applications expected and of the fact that very many that somehow felt cheated after Apple released iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5, this fall.

Samsung’s popularity began to rise in November and since then the Korean company even managed to surpass Apple about the value of brands, said the poll initiate by YouGov. A record number of Samsung’s smartphones were sold in December and, with the launch of Galaxy Nexus smartphone with Android operating system, the Koreans profits will continue to grow mainly because of the lower price of Galaxy Nexus phone, compared with the iPhone.

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