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Who doesn’t love Jamie Oliver? This celebrity chef has done everything from help change the landscape of Britain gourmet, help change the lifestyles and eating habits of some of the most malnourished people in the United States and the United Kingdom, and has come into our living rooms every day as we watch him pick fresh greens and delicious vegetables from his garden, only to whip them up into something completely scrummy in under 20 minutes. And now, you can cook just like Jamie Oliver with the 20 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver app for the iPod Touch.

In total, there are 60 recipes that come with the app, and they all have step-by-step instructions, both written and with tutorial pictures. In addition to all of the magazine-worthy pics, you’ll also get tons of video tutorials from Jamie himself showing you how to do everything in the kitchen. What’s better than a personal chef that also happens to be Jamie Oliver himself? Not only that, but these aren’t just recipes that Jamie picked out of some of his most famous books, or the menus from his restaurant. Nope, in traditional Oliver style, Jamie made sure that the app was super special by carefully creating each recipe specifically for the app.

The app is also extremely beautiful and has been given good reviews such as being, “The daddy of all food apps” by The Observer. And according to the reviews in the App Store, users have all found this app to be incredibly awesome to use. Of course, the app also comes with tons of standard features you’d expect from any food app, such as the shopping list that’s divided into individual grocery shopping aisles, to help make the entire process even faster for you.

The only bad thing about this app? It’s not free. And, it’s not even close to free. The app comes at a whopping $7.99 which does seem a bit pricey. However, considering it gives you Jamie Oliver himself, along with his most delicious recipes, it might just be worth it for big fans or big cooks!

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