What is Airport Express for the iPod Touch?

If you want to take your iPhone or the iPod Touch and use it in a way that you never thought possible, then you might want to think about getting Airport Express for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. It’s not an app, it’s not a game, but this device will revolutionize the way you use your iPod by turning it into a wireless sound system, a printer, and a shared Internet connection!

With Airport Express, you can use AirTunes, which takes the music from your iTunes library and sends it to any speakers in your house through a wireless connection. Just plug Airport Express into any outlet that’s near the speakers, and then connect the two with an audio wire connection. Just pick the speaker in iTunes that you want your music to play on, and listen to music wherever you are in your home!

Airport Express will also let you use any printer in the house that you choose. This feature of the device is especially useful if you have many people in the house that need to use the same printer! And to use this feature of Airport Express, you don’t even need an Internet connection, so it’s even useful for those that don’t have a wireless network in their home!

Airport Express can also work as a router by allowing multiple people to share an Internet connection. Just plug it into your modem and up to ten people can use the same Internet connection at the same time. Airport Express will also connect anyone using the Internet connection to each other so you can share photos, videos, documents, and anything else. No slow transfer times, no waiting for files to download. Just plug in Airport Express to your modem and anyone hooked up to the Internet connection can use it!

Airport Express is so much more than just listening to music around your house. While this is definitely one of the best features of the device, there’s also so much more to it!

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