Firefox Home for the iPhone

Those who want another option for Web browsing other than Safari might be well on their way to having it, despite Apple’s policy to not allow any browser apps that compete with Safari. The first browser to find a way around this red tape and still get their icon on millions of iPhones across the globe is Firefox, and they’ve done it with the recent release of the Firefox Home app for the iPhone.

Okay, so this app won’t actually let you browse the Internet. Because of the “no competing browsers” policy, it’s against the rules to actually be able to surf with it. But, you can sync the app so that it saves all of your bookmarks, desktop history, open tabs, and passwords that you’re using in Firefox. So you can still open your app and check out whatever you’ve been doing in Firefox.

If there’s anything bad that can be said about Firefox Home, it’s that it can be a bit difficult to set up. Once you start, and open the app for the first time, you’ll need to get a Sync account with Firefox if you don’t already have one, so that you can use the app to its full capacity. But even though it might not have the “get up and go” factor that comes with other apps, Firefox Home for the iPhone also comes with simple instructions on the download page in iTunes. And, the app is also completely free, which can also be done here in iTunes.

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