Pathetic iPhone Battery Life Worrying You Here Are Tips That Can Help

Pathetic iPhone Battery Life

Poor iPhone battery

One of the major drawbacks that the iPhone has been experiencing ever since the first version of the smart phone was released in a pathetic iphone battery life. Although you can do nothing about changing the battery to increase its life, there are certain tips that you can follow to extend the life of your iPhone battery. Read on below for a few of those tips. In fact, you can use your common sense and think of a lot of ways to extend life of iPhone battery.

Conserve available power

Pathetic iPhone Battery Life

The best thing that you can do to extend the iphone battery life is to conserve available power. Charging your iphone for an extra hour is definitely not going to work. So, turn off setting that pull power. Although they are all minor functions on the phone, their cumulative effect on power saving can be substantial. Begin with turning the vibration off. A vibrating phone takes up a lot of power and causes further hastening of battery life reduction. If you are in a place where you are cannot turn the ringer on, put off the phone for a while. Another instance when the phone can lose its battery quickly is when you are in a poor coverage area. The phone consumes a lot of power while searching for signals. With iPhone, it is dual connectivity if you have jail broken it. So, if you are out of coverage area, better put your phone off so that you can enjoy the features better when the phone does catch signals.

Stop playing iphone games

This is, of course, not applicable for those who use iPhone extensively for games. iPhone Games require a lot of things in the phone to be coordinated and work together and hence, pull a lot of power. If you stop playing too many iphone games, you will notice an immediate surge of battery life.

Don’t use too much of internet

Well, you might argue that one of the major reasons for a person to choose an iPhone is internet connectivity. However, if you restrict your usage to bare minimum requirements and do not use the internet when not necessary, you can save a lot of power. For instance, you do not have to check your email every half an hour. You can set an email alert to the iphone and check only when you get a message. Further, you can out off the push email function. This will also save you considerable energy. Other things that you can do to extend battery life of the phone is turn off Bluetooth and connect it only when necessary and turning off additional services such as location identifier. If you use services for your work, then you can keep only those services and turn off everything else. You can also increase iphone battery life by turning off equalizer, Wi-Fi and 3G, enabling auto phone lock option and avoiding taking the phone near hot temperatures. It finally comes down to one thing – use only what is necessary and turn off everything else.

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