Millionaire City for the iPod Touch

Have you always wanted to own your own company? Have you ever wanted to be the CEO at big board meetings, attend important business meetings where you negotiate on property, sign contracts, and do all the other things a VIP does in their day? Then you may want to download the Millionaire City app for the iPod Touch. This app will let you do all of that, if you’re lucky enough to get it to work for you. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not this app still has kinks in it or not.

In Millionaire City, you use property to make your millions, and buy property as you slowly begin to create your monopoly. Watch your money grow as you keep an eye on more property that’s becoming available and complete missions that of course, have to do with your job as a big-time CEO. Connect the app to your Facebook profile and play with your friends. Not only does it give you a chance to best them, but the more friends you have playing with you, the more money you make!

Many users have downloaded this app and said that it’s great gameplay and highly addictive but that the game always freezes, or sets them all the way back to the start even after they’ve completed high levels. In their latest download page in iTunes, the developers have said that many of those glitches have been fixed and are included in the update but users still continue to have problems. If  you want to give it a shot (and why not? You can always delete it, right?) you can by downloading it from iTunes, for free, here.

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