The Concert Vault: Legendary Live Shows Streaming To Your iPod Touch

How much will you be willing to pay if you can listen to over 1,900 live concerts and over 100 interviews from over 1,000 of the most successful artists of the last 40 years on your iPod Touch?    I know more than a few people who will be willing to pay top dollar for it.  Instead, you can get it for free with the Concert Vault.

Released by the website Wolfgang’s Vault, the streaming app will work with any iPhone and iPod Touch running on the second-generation software.  All you’ll need to do is register to the site (either online or through the app) and you’ll automatically gain access to their huge library of live music that includes recorded shows from such legends as Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, B.B. King, Stray Cats, The Clash, Pink Floyd and more.  Do you prefer the mellow crooning of Barry Manilow or Linda Rondstandt?  They have their shows available for free.  How about the edgy pop stylings of Genesis or Queen? Stream their music at no cost!

The Concert Vault offers a fantastic and very intuitive interface.  Operation is fast and easy to use.  You can find concerts by doing an Artist Search, which provides live searching features, listing the matching artists as you type their name.  There is also an option for the Most Popular shows, so you can check the recordings  getting the most attention in the library.  A New Releases section lists new concerts added, so it’s easy to track when shows you’ve wanted to hear finally make their collection.

You can listen to the concerts much like an album, pausing them at any time or jumping to the next song in the set whenever you want.  Extra information about the concert can also be accessed while it plays by simply tapping a button on the lower right corner of the display.

Overall, this app is an unbeatable value.  While you will need to register for free, it’s such a small hassle for what is an otherwise amazing service that most other people would charge good money for.  This is a highly recommended download for your iPod Touch!

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