Gas Buddy for the iPod Touch

With gas prices being the first of everything else to skyrocket around the globe, finding cheap gas is more important now than ever before. And with the GasBuddy app for the iPod Touch, you’ll be able to always make sure that you pay the lowest price at the pump, and you’ll be able to do it all from the palm of your hand.

GasBuddy works very simply. It’s a user-based app that will let you see all of the gas stations that are nearest to your current location, along with the prices they are currently charging for their gas. You can check out what’s available, and what price you’ll pay, and then just make your way to the best price. Not only will you save by making sure you always go to the cheapest gas station, but you’ll also save on the gas that you’d spend, driving around looking for the best price!

This app truly is unique in that it will let you search either by city, zip code, or state and when your results are delivered you’ll be able to view all of the prices for their gas, including their diesel, regular, and higher octane fuels. You can also set the app so that it always picks up your current location and you don’t have to waste time typing it in every single time. And, it will also tell you in miles the distance away that the gas stations are so you’ll always know exactly how close those gas stations really are.

Now is the time to start saving on gas money, and that’s why now is the time to download this app from iTunes here. And, because this app is also all about saving you cash, it’s offered app-solutely free too! It is important to note that currently, this app only works in Canada and the United States.

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