5-0 Radio Police Scanner App for the iPod Touch

Do you love to know what’s going on at the police station, or within the firehouse? Do you often slow down when you see emergency crews gathered somewhere? Then you might want to be one of the first to be in the know at all times with the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app for the iPod Touch. This app gives you actual feeds from police radios, calls to firefighters, railroad technicians, marine crews, and more, and keeps you up to date on everything that’s happening right in your area!

You can listen to any feeds you want at any time you want. You can even open another app and listen to the feeds go in the background, always keeping you totally tuned in. You can also listen to the feeds through your email or off of your computer, and if the feed loses it connection, the app will automatically try to relocate it. The web browser within the app will also automatically search for new feeds and if you find one on your own, it’s easy to add it to your feed list. And, you can also share the feeds with your friends by just emailing it to them, so they can share in the fun even if they don’t have the app.

This one of the best police scanner apps for iphone works based on a web browser. People in different states and counties have police scanners that they listen to, and then upload to the app. So they’re just essentially sharing with you information that they have. It’s the genius of the developers that have found enough people to make the app compatible with any city, state, or county within the United States. There is a paid version of the app that of course offers more feeds and more info, and perhaps even a few more features. But for those who are just looking to have some fun and keep up to date about what’s going on around them, the free version should be enough to suffice.

And it’s said that even the free version might not be offered for free for very long. So if you want to keep track on everything all the emergency personnel around you are doing, download the app for free here, and quick!

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