Convert Units App for iPod Touch

Sometimes, you just have to convert a measurement. Whether it’s while you’re in the store doing your grocery shopping, or you work in real estate and often need to convert things like room measurements. Taking measurements is actually a large part of everyday life and shows up in many different workplace environments. And, for all of those professionals or just those who often need to find out how many grams are in a cup, there’s the Convert Units app for the iPod Touch.

This app will take any measurement that you have and convert it into whatever other measurement you need. Always remembering how many cups are in a pint and how many pints are in a gallon can become tiring, and trying to do the math afterwards can feel downright useless sometimes. So you end up guessing and coming up with the wrong measurement. No more as this app has many different types of measurements and will convert them for you all within the easy-to-use table, and with just a few taps. Pretty soon, you’ll be flying through measurements with a breeze and getting on with your business.

As with so many apps for the iPod Touch, one of the best things about this one is absolutely free, and you can download it here. But, it’s such a handy little app and has so many practical uses whether you’re shopping, cooking, or need room measurements, it could also easily be one of the top paid apps.

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