Best File Sharing iPhone Apps

Best File Sharing iPhone Apps

Everyone knows that the Apple iPhone is a great phone and the ability to add on new applications through the app store is one of its most powerful features. There is an app for virtually anything you could ever hope to do on your mobile device and one of the most useful types of iphone and ipod touch apps are file sharing apps. File sharing iphone apps allow the user to view, update and share their files on or through their iPhone. So, What are the best file sharing apps for iphone?

Choice of File Sharing iPhone Apps

There are many choices when it comes to file sharing apps for iphone. Some are free, others are paid but the most important thing to look at when choosing the best file sharing apps for iphone is their functionality. Make sure the app you choose is able to function on ‘EDGE’ or ‘3G’ connections in addition to WiFi. This will make sure you can access your files from just about any location and you’re not tied down to a WiFi connection. Having the ability to share multiple types of files is another important consideration to take into account as well.

The best file sharing apps for iphone also allow the user the ability to attach a file to an email message to send to anyone who needs to see it. This quick and easy feature is something some apps left out but is critical for many users. Most file sharing apps for iphone allow the user to store their files on a ‘cloud’ storage system which is great because the files are always available to all users with the needed rights. There is no need to have your iPhone connect to a home or office computer just to get a file. Simply start up the app and all the critical files are available on the cloud for you to view, edit or share with friends or co-workers.

Most people find that the best file sharing apps are specifically optimized for their mobile device. Using a web page based sharing program may function on an iPhone but will lack many features and options because it was not designed for mobile use. iPhone apps, on the other hand, are always designed specifically to take advantage of all the iPhone features and mobile functionality. In addition to features like allowing finger swipes to perform actions, iPhone file sharing apps typically are designed in a way to allow the user to view the files comfortably. The iPhone screen is not as big as a normal PC so using a web site based file sharing page won’t look nearly as good on an iPhone and the files may be very difficult to read.

The iPhone has changed the world of File Sharing forever. Taking advantage of the best file sharing iphone applications is now quick and easy and allows even the least tech-savvy users to quickly and easily share files with friends, family or co-workers.

List of Best File Sharing Apps for iPhone

file sharing iphone apps

Below are list of some best file sharing apps for iPhone or iPod Touch:
1. Briefcase Lite
2. DropBox iPhone App
3. Bump iphone app
4. Files Lite App
5. app
6. DropCopy Lite
7. Wireless Disk Free (Paid)
8. Bluetooth Communicator 2 (Paid)
9. Wifi File Sharing (paid)
10. iFlashDrive (paid)

Well, if I mis other cool file sharing iphone apps from itunes and you know that, please share them here. Thanks

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