Game Time Limit for Parents iPhone App

Control iDevice usage by your kids using Game Time Limit for Parents iPhone/iPod app

How can I control the time my kids spent on my iPhone / iPod Touch?
Answer: Game Time Limit for Parents iOS App. I believe that all parents with young children will love this app :).

Game time limit for parents app

The app enables parents to set a timer which limits the amount of game playing (or screen) time the child gets. When the timer ends, a
“Time’s Up” alarm appears on the screen, preventing the child from
playing further. The only way to stop the alarm is for the child to
hand the iPhone/iPod over to the parent who will enter a passcode to
disable the alarm.

Getting your child to stop playing games on your iPhone or iPod will
never be the same again. No nagging, no last reminders, no threats
required. Just let the app do its job. Sit back, relax…. soon, your
child’s probably on his way to bring your iPhone/iPod back to you.

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