Toy Story 3 Memory Match for the iPod Touch

We’ve told you about one great Toy Story 3 app and now, we’re telling you about another. This one is so amazingly simple that a child of any age will be able to pick it up quickly and easily. And why not? The app is based, after all, on the classic children’s game, Memory. And as such, this app is called the Toy Story 3 Memory Match app.

The app really is simple. Download it and when you open it up, you’ll be given choices of Free Play, which allows you to just play out a good game of Memory; or Timed Challenge, which will keep track of your time as you go so that you can always try to beat your personal best – no matter how old you are! And of course, when you want some bragging rights, there’s also an area for High Scores – great for when there are siblings playing against each other! You can also choose your level of difficulty so you can start with Easy and work your way up, or the smaller kids can get a kick out of the Easy level, while older children will prefer the challenge of the more advanced levels.

The app has really cute images too. Underneath the bright red cars are pictures of all our favorite Toy Story characters including of course, Buzz, Andy, and Jessie the Cowgirl. To go along with these, there are also individual letters that spell out “Toys R’ Us”, a toy story all until itself.

This app is so much fun that it will have everyone, parents and children included, groaning when their name is called at the doctor’s office and their wait time is up. Start challenging each other and trying to beat your own personal best by downloading this free, and totally awesome, Toy Story app here.

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