How to Create Your Own Ringtones on the iPhone

Ringtones are wonderful things, aren’t they? They allow you to have your very own personal tone every time your phone rings. So you never have to go searching through your purse or jacket the next time the guy’s phone beside you rings. But sometimes, we can’t always find the ringtones that we want, can we? Or, we find one but they’re just far more than we want to pay for a portion of a song. That’s why now you can create your own ringtone for your iPhone – and you can do it all right in iTunes!

First, go to “Preferences” which will be under “Edit” for Windows users and under “iTunes” for Mac users. Then set your import settings to “AAC.” Then find the song that you want to turn into a iphone ringtone. Once you’ve found it, right click on it and choose “Get Info.” Then pick the “Option” tab.

Next you’ll need to set the start and stop times for your ringtone. Remember, it’s a ringtone so you won’t be able to choose this length of time for any longer than 30 seconds. Then right-click the song again and this time choose, “Create AAC version.” When the new, shorter version of the song shows up in iTunes, you’ll need to right-click it again and choose, “Reveal in Finder/Windows Explorer.” Then change the extension on the file from “.m4a” to “.m4r”. Then just import that song back to iTunes.

That’s really all you have to do! Never pay for another iphone ringtone ever again! Instead, just choose your own very unique songs and put them on your iPhone yourself!

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  1. thanks..but how do i change an extension from “mv4” to “mvr”, infact change of file extensions in windows..seems imposible to me..please help

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