Crazy UFO for iPod Touch

Looking to add a fun and cute game to your iPod Touch? Crazy UFO could be it. In this game, you are the alien and you have come to Earth to analyze and study the earthly beings and their animals that reside on this strange planet. But it does not welcome you! You must avoid being caught and studied yourself by earthlings, and the animals in this terrain seem to be quite hostile. All of this not to mention, that you still have that spaceship to improve, maintain, and make sure that it can still get  you back to your home planet when it’s time.

The game really is fun and has been recently updated to include things such as different landscapes and more levels. There are also different climate zones and each will hold its own climate, environment, and different enemies that are just waiting for their next alien capture. Plus, there’s a cute little storyline running the whole entire time, so if the graphics don’t amuse you, the plot might.

The graphics are what users seem to complain about most in iTunes. They’re not horrible necessarily, but there currently is no retina support and some users say that this would be a big improvement of the game. The general consensus is that if  you don’t care about great graphics all that much, the game is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained for a little while.

If you want to see what it’s like to be an alien that has come to study Earth and its beings, start by downloading Crazy UFO for your iPod Touch here. It’s a cute little game and it’s free!

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