iOS 4.1 Will Not Fix Apple’s Woes

Remember when the iPhone 4 came out and people were all in a tizzy about the proximity sensor issues? Users would be on their phone and suddenly, they’d find themselves talking to dead air because they’ve accidentally brushed their phone with their cheek and hung up on them. But when Apple has a problem, Steve Jobs comes out to tell us that it will be fixed with the next update; and that’s exactly what he did this time, saying that the iOS 4.1 would be sure to solve the problem. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. And while the operating system will undoubtedly have great features and be much more user-friendly than any of its predecessors, the iOS 4.1 will not solve proximity sensor issues.

It’s important to understand that this glitch is a different problem with the iPhone 4 than the dropped signal problem. That problem was also promised by Jobs to be remedied with the latest upgrade but whether or not that’s going to actually be addressed also remains to be seen. Let’s hope that Apple continues handing out that handy free little bumpers if the upgrade doesn’t solve the problem.

Because the software upgrade is still in its beta stages, it’s difficult to tell exactly what it will include and what it won’t. It is known however, that the new iOS 4.1 is not going to let you talk on your phone as carefree as you would like, and you’ll still have to watch that you’re not bumping  your phone too hard when talking on it. This problem is going to be fixed at a future date, the public is being told by Apple, but just when that date is exactly, will most likely remain unknown for some time.

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