iPod Touch Apps Not Working – Great Suggestion from Carly

Many iPod touch users have been send me a message about this problem: iPod Touch Apps not working! for you who see the same or similar problem, then please follow this great suggestion from this iPod Touch user, Carly Comerford, the suggestion below is working for the Carly problem, might be it could work for you too.

Before we go to the solution for the Ipod Touch Apps Not Working problem, let we see what the story from Carly about her iPod Touch problem:

“I bought my iPod touch and it worked fine. After I downloaded a bunch of applications, including games, it started acting funny. I would touch the application and it would start to load, but then it would close out and go right back to the main screen. I tried restoring my iPod, deleting the applications and reloading them, updating my iTunes, and resetting my iPod, none of which worked.”

And this is her solution to fix the iPod Touch Apps Not Working problem:

I found something that did work, however. This needs to be done on your iPod, not on your iTunes:

1. Go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Erase All Content and Settings

Now this is the important part:

2. When you connect your iPod to your computer, iTunes will ask you if you want to restore from your backup, or set up as a new iPod. Be sure to set up as a new iPod because the first couple times I did this I restored from my backup and it didn’t work, but as soon as I set it up as a new iPod, it was fixed.

Kudos Carly, many thanks for this great share. I believe it will help many people (ipod touch user) who get same problem. If you have any tips/suggestions, you could share them here by click Contact Us above.

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  1. I downloaded the applicated and paid for the full version, as it only gives you access to 2 free definitions, and it didn’t work.

  2. Will this work on an iPhone as well? I’ve been having the same problem with facebook and aaa roadside assistance. I touch the screen, the app opens then immediately closes. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed twice, to no avail.

  3. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!! ALL YOUR APPS WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!! Just install a new app, and all your other apps will work.

  4. what i did is held the button on the top of my ipod then pressed the button with the square on it it went white for about a millisecond then everything worked

  5. I have tried everything! And my games wont’ work! When I click on one of them it opens, but them flashes off right away and then it goes back to the page I am on any ideas? I am sick and tired of my games not work somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Simply download another app! That’s all you need to do! 🙂 hope this saves anyone the hassle of getting rid of everything in the future.

  7. Donna’s right, if your ipod apps start to open but then suddenly close, all you have to do is download any other new app, and for some reason your old apps will all start working again. very simple solution, and you can always just delete that new app once you get it if you dont want it 😛

  8. Will I have to keep doing this or will it be fixed forever? I hope it works, I am tring it now, Thanks a lot 🙂

  9. Okay, so i got the application Rock Band for my iTouch. It downloaded fine but now it wont sync onto my iTouch… Whats the problem?

  10. I downloaded music to my Ipod Touch through iTunes, which was successful, but then none of the apps would work. I tried turning it off and on, nothing worked, of course I started checking out the internet and came to this site for a solution, I was getting ready to 1. Go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Erase All Content and Settings — BUT then I thought I would try one other thing, I went to the “App Store” and downloaded an app, after it was installed I went to make sure it was there and would work, and it did, then I tried one of my “apps” that didn’t work, and I’ll be darn it worked and so did all my other ones, I have no idea why it fixed my problem but it did…………thanks for the info

  11. After you do that the apps get deleted(even paid apps)- it solves the problem but I would reccommend finding another solution.

  12. my ipod touch won’t come on. on the screenhe plug and disk and Itunes show up but nothing happen. there is a little lock at the top

  13. hmm, but does the problem resurface any more after resetting?
    Don’t want to do this every day…

  14. Hello if you just hold your power and circle button for 10 seconds it will reset your i-touch. It worked for me. When it show the power off screen do it, then hold both buttons until you see the apple. Works every time for me.

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