iPod Touch Apps Not Working – Great Suggestion from Carly

Many iPod touch users have been send me a message about this problem: iPod Touch Apps not working! for you who see the same or similar problem, then please follow this great suggestion from this iPod Touch user, Carly Comerford, the suggestion below is working for the Carly problem, might be it could work for you too.

Before we go to the solution for the Ipod Touch Apps Not Working problem, let we see what the story from Carly about her iPod Touch problem:

“I bought my iPod touch and it worked fine. After I downloaded a bunch of applications, including games, it started acting funny. I would touch the application and it would start to load, but then it would close out and go right back to the main screen. I tried restoring my iPod, deleting the applications and reloading them, updating my iTunes, and resetting my iPod, none of which worked.”

And this is her solution to fix the iPod Touch Apps Not Working problem:

I found something that did work, however. This needs to be done on your iPod, not on your iTunes:

1. Go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Erase All Content and Settings

Now this is the important part:

2. When you connect your iPod to your computer, iTunes will ask you if you want to restore from your backup, or set up as a new iPod. Be sure to set up as a new iPod because the first couple times I did this I restored from my backup and it didn’t work, but as soon as I set it up as a new iPod, it was fixed.

Kudos Carly, many thanks for this great share. I believe it will help many people (ipod touch user) who get same problem. If you have any tips/suggestions, you could share them here by click Contact Us above.

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