iPod Touch Microphone – Make Your iPod Touch Function as a VoIP Phone

The iPod touch has a lot of handy features in it, especially for something that is basically a music player at it’s core. They’ve included a lot of extra things that are definitely not necessary, but are a very nice touch on top of what we have come to expect in music players today. Many of the great features for the iPod touch are built right in, such as the touch screen, the apps store, and the WiFi connection module. However, there are some things that you must purchase add-ons in order to access them or take advantage of them. One such example is the iPod Touch microphone that can be purchased to add functionality to the unit.

For one thing, there are some apps that you can purchase that use the function of voice recognition. It’s impossible, of course, to use one of these applications without the added functionality you get when you install the iPod Touch microphone. Some of these applications are actually really handy and can make it much easier to use your device hands free, great for changing songs or settings while driving or for recording memo notes to yourself. There are thousands of different things you could use such a great addition for. As the microphone add-on gets more and more widespread, we will probably see more applications take advantage of it’s features.

One major use for the iPod Touch microphone that is surfacing in several applications is the idea of voice over telephone call type communication. Although the iPhone is meant for that type of communication, it’s actually possible to use your iPod Touch as an iPhone with the right combination of a microphone, internet phone software, and a WiFi connection. This is a great way to save money if you don’t need to have constant cell phone access, or if you’re usually within the range of a WiFi access point in your day to day life.

Although it’s entirely possible to enjoy your iPod without purchasing the additional iPod Touch microphone, there are tons of features that you will gain access to if you do decide to make the additional purchase. If you’ve had your iPod for a while and you’re thinking of upgrading to a better unit, you might be able to save yourself a lot of money by just adding the microphone functionality. It’s like having a whole new iPod, but you only had to spend a few bucks!

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