New iPod Touch faster than iPhone 3G

Apple has been adapting its iPod since the music Wizard was launched and every time it came it had something different in it for the music freaks. The new iPod Touch has some wonderful specifications in it besides being a device of music and videos. Apple seems to have put more attention in it iPod Touch than iPhone 3G. Since Apple has upped the processing speed of iPod Touch which enables it to go after the portable gaming market.

It has been reported by Touch Arcade that the applications of the processor inside the latest second generation iPod Touch unveiled during last September actually runs faster than the processor of applications inside the iPhone 3G which actually runs in similar speed that original iPod Touch and iPhone used. It has been found that the new iPod Touch’s ARM based process runs at speed of 532MHz but the ARM based processor of iPhone 3G processor runs nearly at speed of 412 MHz.

iPod Touch has crossways 3.5 inches hefty screen with multi-touch exhibit and resolution of 480 X 320 pixels at the tempo 163 pixel/inch. Such specifications with others have been included in the iPod Touch to facilitate its users to for transforming the music wizard into a play station too where one can play hefty amount of high resolution games. When a gamer developer was interviewed by Touch Arcade he expressed that he noticed huge difference in 3D rendering speed in Touch from iPhone as a result of speed bump.

As we remember fondly from our ‘megahertz madness’ days of the Intel-AMD competition in the PC, processor speed is not the only measure of performance but is important one. Though processor speed is not the only criteria of performance but once cannot deny the importance of it especially when one needs to play games on such platforms. With the advent of Apple Store, the brand has been promoting the iPod Touch as the latest gaming device along with music features. One can seem the latest round of commercials where they emphasize on the games that can be played on it. Such promotions seems that Apple is almost ignoring the fact the Touch is also a music and video player device and a wizard of music.

It is also expected that Apple has room that boosts the clock-speed of Touch’s processor to nearly 620 MHZ which is according to ARM specifications. But a striking balance required between battery life and performance. Apple is also using its retail store to demo an anticipated high end game on the Mac that is the Sims 3. Why has Apple all of a sudden shifted their attention to games so much is not known? But their attention and promotion of iPod Touch for high end games nevertheless degrades the performance of iPod as music player. It still remains the best portable music player in the world!

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  1. well i have used the original iphone and it seems that the ipod touch 2G does have a ton more processing speed even youtube loaded faster and i’ve used my friend ipod touch 1G and the music player lags sometime and he doesn’t have any apps or anything so it makes no sense why it would but anyway atleast i never wasted my money on either nor have i ever bought an iphone all i have is my ipod touch 2G, my nano 3G, and my nano 2G

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