Apple Hires Sales Staff for iPhone 5 release

The rumours that Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5 this September keeps on growing and now, there has been word that Apple has been looking to hire sales staff during the September time. Apple is currently looking for sales staff to work from the beginning of August this year until the end of October which is further pointing to the fact that Apple might be launching the next generation of the popular iPhone around this time.

Apple has been advertising for the full time positions through the Gekko recruitment company for their store in Newcastle on Tyne in the UK. The job explains that employees will be paid £75 per day and will work from the beginning of August until the end of October. Apple has said that they will provide the training starting at the beginning of August and work will then begin around half way through August and finish at the end of October. Apple has said that any applicants for the job must be able to commit to the period of the campaign which has led people to believe that Apple is definitely planning something big, even if it is not the iPhone 5 device.

If we look at the dates of the employment for these sales people, it would seem likely that Apple would launch the phone around early September and train the staff beforehand. It is unknown still as to exactly what we will see in the iPhone 5, although a faster processor and widescreen are on the cards.

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