iPhone Quick Tip: How to Setup a CalDAV Payload

You can set up the iPad or iPhone to connect to a calendaring server that uses the CalDAV protocol so that the device’s Calendar app can exchange claender data with the server.

Click the CalDAV item in the Payloads list to display the Configure CalDAV box, and then click the Configure button. Follow these steps to choose settings in the CalDAV pane.

1. Type a descriptive name in the Account Description text box–for example, Company Calendars or Shared Calendars Account.

2. Type the CalDAV server’s hostname or IP address in the left Account Hostname And Port text box, and chage the port in the right text box if necessary.

3. To direct the iPad or iPhone to a particular URL, enter it in the Principal URL text box.

4. If you’re creating this profile for a particular user, type the CalDAV user name in the Account Username text box and the corresponding password in the Account Password text box. Otherwise, leave these text boxes blank so that the device prompts the user for the name and password.

5. Select the Use SSL check box if you want to secure the connection with Secure Sockets Layer. This is usually a good idea.

If you want to add another CalDAV item, click the + (Add) button, and then repeat the preceding steps. To remove a CalDAV item, display it in the CalDAV pane, and then click the – (Remove) button.


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