How to Configure an E-Mail Account Added via a Configuration Profile

Now that you’ve created the configuration profile that contains the Email payload, distribute it to the appropriate iPhones using one of the most basic methods. For example, haul the user into your office, use iPhone Configuration Utility to put the configuration profile onto the iPhone directly via the USB cable, and then have the users enter their details. Or distribute the configuration profile via a web site.

When the configuration profile hits the iPhone, iOS displays the Install Profile screen. The user can then set up the account like this:

1. On the Install Profile screen, check the details of the profile:

  • Make sure the Verified readout and check mark appears.
  • If you want to see the details of the profile, touch the More Details button to display the profile’s screen. Touch the Install Profile button when you’re ready to return to the Install Profile screen.
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2. Touch the Install button to start installing the profile. iOS displays the Install Profile dialog box to make sure you want to proceed.

3. Touch the Install Now button. iOS displays the Enter Description screen which suggest the name set in the Email payload’s account description as the account name.

4. Touch the x button at the fight end of the text box to wipe out the suggested name, and then type in a descriptive name for the e-mail account.

5. Touch the Next button to display the Enter Email screen.

6. Type in the e-mail address for the account.

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7. Touch the Next button to display the Enter Username screen for the incoming mail server.

8. Key in your username for the incoming mail server in the field or text box provided.

9. Now touch the Next button to display the Enter Password screen for the incoming mail server.

10. Key in your Password for the incoming mail server.

11. Touch the Next button to display the Enter Username screen for the outgoing mail server.

12. Type the username for the outgoing mail server in the text box.

13. Touch the Next button. iOS checks in with the mail server and verifies the settings, and then sets up the account.

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14. When the iPhone displays the Profile Installed screen, touch the Done button. You can then to the Mail app and make sure the account can send and receive e-mail.


So far, this is how you do it. Let me know if you have problems with this step.