How to Apply Configuration Profile via E-Mail

Another way of applying a configuration profile to an iPad or iPhone is via e-mail. As long as the device already has an e-mail account set up, this is easy for both you (the administrator) and the user. So once you’ve set up your iPads and iPhone with e-mail (perhaps by applying a profile directly), you may want to use this method to apply other configuration profiles or updates.

You can attach a configuration profile file to an e-mail message in the same way as you can attach any other file, but you can also start creating a message directly from iPhone Configuration Utility, exporting the configuration profile and choosing whether to encrypt and sign it. To do so, follow these steps:

1. In iPhone Configuration Utility click the Configuration Profiles item in the Library category in the Source list to display the list of configuration profiles.

2. Click the configuration profile you wan to send.

3. Click the Share button o the toolbar to display the Share Configuration Profile dialog box.

4. In the Security drop-down list or pop-up menu, choose the type of security you want to use for the exported profiles: None, Sign Configuration Profile, or Create And Sign Encrypted Configuration Profile For Each Selected Device.

5. Click the Share button. iPhone Configuration Utility creates an e-mail message using your computer’s default e-mail program (for example, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail), gives it a canned subject (“Configuration Profile”), and attaches the configuration profile.

6. Address the message, improve the subject line, type or paste in a suitable explanation, and then send the message.

The user receives a message with the configuration profile file attached. The user opens the message, touches the button for the attachment, and then sees the Install Profile screen.

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