How to Sync iPad with PC-based iTunes

Syncing or synchronizing iPad to the iTunes in your computer will help in retaining a backup of copy of all the important files like apps, videos, music and all types of important data in your PC. The advantage of the back up is that even if you have deleted any of these files from the iPad you can be assured of getting back from the backup data on the PC with the syncing feature.

Another advantage is that you can transfer the apps, music and videos to your iPad directly from PC, though you usually get these from App Store and iTunes applications of your device. To accomplish this, you must be having iTunes running on your PC. If your PC does not have iTunes installed you can download it from Apples iTunes download website. After installing it you must follow the procedure which will sync iPad with iTunes on your PC. Using the cable provided connect the iPad to the PC. Once you connect, iTunes must automatically open and begin syncing depending on the settings. If that does not happen, you are required to manually begin the sync operation. Launch iTunes and under the tab “devices”, choose iPad and press the button “Sync”.

If you have made any changes in the settings click “Apply” and then press “Eject” to disconnect iTunes from iPad when the operation is finished. With these easy steps you can sync the iPad with PC based iTunes.

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