Apple CEO Steve Jobs May Only Have Weeks to Live

Apple is one of the most well known companies in the world and there are rumours that buy the end of next year, it could actually be the largest company in the world. The company is responsible for a whole range of well known devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad devices as well as their Macbook laptops. Now, rumour has emerged that the founder of the Apple company; Steve Jobs, could actually only have a short time to live as he battles against pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs announced in January of this year that he would be taking time out from the Apple Company in order to focus on getting better. Now, new images have emerged online of Steve Jobs looking extremely frail and weak whilst having breakfast with his wife, just a short time before they were both due to head over to the Stanford Cancer Centre. It is thought that the images might be telling us that Steve Jobs is suffering from the late stages of pancreatic cancer; a stage at which the cancer is almost certainly fatal.

The images have led to suspicions that the CEO could only have a short time to live and some have even said it could be as little as a few weeks. Steve Jobs is also said to have had thinning hair from the effects of chemotherapy and his weight is thought to have dropped from around 175lb to just 135lb.

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