How To Update Your Iphone By Using Dial Up

How To Update Your Iphone By Using Dial Up?.

Apple iPhone is one of the most admired and loved piece of hardware around the globe, its fan base is continuously increasing day by day and more and more people are buying it to get the most out of this amazing smart phone that has a lot more to offer compared to a normal phone. Its sleek design and stylish looks give a nice life-style boost to many, which makes it a status symbol as well. All the hype that iPhone gets on Media and internet, believe me, it’s totally worth it.

Each new model that iPhone introduces to the market is much better than the previous one, and not even once, Apple has failed to amaze its fans. Their latest iPhone 5 is a perfect example of how much they want to please their users. It’s not only true for the models and hardware of iPhone, but the software of iPhone is also as smooth as they come. Apple tend to release software updates quite often, which is targeted towards fixing any possible bugs and security issues, while sometimes, it is also targeted towards adding new features to their operating system. Due to security and compatibility reasons it is highly recommended to always upgrade your iPhone`s software as soon as a new versions is released.

You can easily find out whether a fresh update of your iPhone`s software is available or not, by plugging your iPhone into your PC, this way iTunes will popup an alert stating that a newer software update is available for download. Alternatively, inside your iPhone, Setting`s icon also shows a badge on it to notify the user of an available update.

You can also create custom gestures to notify yourself of an available download. Keep in mind, most of the methods mentioned here are to update your iPhone`s operating system only, you might have to perform a different procedure in order to update your apps. Also, this process may make your device to restart a few times, don’t worry, that’s just a normal thing. Before starting any update procedure ensure that you have sufficient Battery time left in your phone, if your battery dies during the procedure you might have to re-do everything from the scratch.

For some non-technical people this process is quite rough. Hence we are outlining the main steps required to update your iPhone securely without any data loss:

1-Connect to the internet using your Dial-up connection on your PC/Laptop.

2-Connect your iPhone and PC/Laptop using the USB cable, iTunes application should open now

3-On the left pane of your Window – Click “Devices” icon

4-Click Summary

5-Click “Check for Updates”

6-When you are prompted to download newer available download, click “Download”. This will begin the download process

7-      When prompted – Click “Install”. This will automatically install the latest software into your iPhone replacing the old one

Once the installation is done, you will be prompted. You now have the latest iPhone`s software, now you can disconnect the device and PC/Laptop and enjoy your most up-to-date and secure iPhone.

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