Common iPhone Errors and How to Fix Them

Below are some of of common iphone error list and how to fix the iphone error:

IPhone “this accessory is not made for your phone” error

Of the numerous errors that iPhone sprouts up, one of the most common is a pop up message which says that “this accessory is not made for your phone” error. This is a good example of how the iPhone language can be truly confusing. When this iphone error message pops up on your screen that your mobile computer is conveying to you is that the app that you are trying to load into the phone is not compatible with it. In other words, the phone does not recognize the format. The most confusing part is that the message pops up when you are trying to upload an iphone app that is compatible with the iPhone as well. In such cases, you need to check the hardware of your phone. In all probability, your phone must have accumulated dust at the plug-in post point or that the battery leftover is too less, in which case, you need to charge your phone. This is one problem that will not effectively be solved by rebooting.

iPhone Error 1603

IPhone is more of a computer than a phone and hence, errors keep cropping up. One of the common errors is Errors in iphone Error 1603. This iphone error usually pops up when you are trying to connect the phone to iTunes. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to solve this problem. You can begin with the ultimate messiah of all error solutions – reboot. Switch off the phone and let it reboot. If the iphone problem continues, then try connecting the phone to another USB port. If this does not work either, then you need to restore the system by removing the SIM. You will, however, lose all the data stored in the phone but if nothing else works, this is the only thing you can do. It is successful for almost everybody who has tried it out.

iPhone Error 1602

Most of the iPhone errors occur when you try to upgrade the system. iPhone Error 1602 is one such error. It usually appears when firmware is upgraded to version 1.1.3. It is also one of the simplest to rectify. All you have to do is change the USB port and your problem should be solved. If it persists, reinstall iTunes. This has worked for a few who tired it out. If the problem continues, then you can plug in to a different computer. If nothing works, call Apple customer support.

iPhone Error 1015

iTunes Error 1015 is an error that manifests when you restore the phone. This is not as common as 1603 but still rampant. One way in which you can correct this problem is to upload the newest version of the Apple mobile operating system, Ios. This should be compatible with all restore settings and hence show no error. Restoring your phone after the upgrade is the most effective solution. If your intention was to downgrade iPhone firmware, you will still have to upload or upgrade the operating system before undertaking the desired action.

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