IPhone Errors Can Be a Nuisance – Here’s How to Make Them Inconsequential

IPhone errors

While iPhone is still the most sold smart phone in the market, the errors displayed on the screen so very often is very frustrating. While some errors have codes such as error 1603, error 1015, 1618 and 9844, other errors appear in a worded form such as “the phone cannot be synched” and “this accessory is not made for your phone. Sometimes, the reason for the error is unknown. Further, new errors keep cropping up, whose solution is difficult to find quickly. A quick fix plan is to restart the phone. If it does not work, restore the system. One of these two solutions does work in removing error. However, you need to understand that frequent restoring can be bad for the device. Nevertheless, in some cases, it is the best solution. Below given are three very common errors and ways to get rid of them.

Error 1618

If you are an internet junkie and download multiple things at once through your iPhone, then you must have encountered Error 1618. This is one of the most common errors that occur when you are trying a download. If you have this error on your screen, then in all probability, you must be running another download. IPhone is not very good at download multitasking and can get hung if you put multiple things on download. In order to get rid of Error 1618, the simplest solution is to stop downloads and switch off the phone. When you restart it, the problem is normally solved.

Error 13109

Music lovers, who constantly download songs, must be in the know regarding this iTunes error 13109. One of the most common errors while dealing with music, the resolving is easy too. Navigate to iTunes and uncheck audio/visual functions such as Sync Podcasts, Sync TV shows, Sync music and Sync movies. Except for iTunes, remove everything else related to music in the phone. Once done, begin to reset your Apple operating system. When you switch on the device after restoring, the problem will have resolved. You will have to re-sync everything after restoring. The process is time consuming but effective nevertheless.

Error messages (0xe8000065)

These are messages that are worded. They convey different messages in words rather than codes but all have a (error 0xe8000065) tag. This error 0xe8000065 usually occurs when you are trying to connect the phone to iTunes. Like everything else, you can start your trial and error process by restarting the phone. You can then try updating iTunes and check whether the operating system in the computer is compatible with iTunes. If not, upgrade the version. Fault in the USB port also causes this message to occur. Shift port or if you are using a hub, then disconnect it and try a direct single connection. The problem with these errors is that the exact reason is never correctly known. Sometimes, the problem occurs if dust is accumulated in the USB port. So, it can be any number of reasons. Usually, changing the port, upgrading the version of operating system on the computer or making use of Task Master can help you solve the problem.

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