Is Apple Trying to Crack Down on Jailbreaks?

Have you heard about the new Apple patent application that’s about to be released? It’s recently been unveiled and so far, people are not all that happy about it. Why? Well, the application is being touted as a way to keep iPhones safe and secure from unauthorized users. While it has a number of unique features that help to do this, it seems that Apple may be the one determining who is an authorized user and who is not – because the application can also remotely wipe an iPhone that has been jailbroken.

Because the device can be accessed and wiped out remotely, it’s really all too easy for Apple to check in with your iPhone and see if it has been jailbroken. If it has, that’s a violation of the user’s agreement to use the iPhone so they could wipe it. The problem is that jailbreaking an iPhone hasn’t been found to be an illegal action by anyone. But Apple remotely wiping all the data off your jailbroken phone might be. So, is the possibility of Apple spying on your iPhone and remotely wiping it all that possible?

Possible, yes. Probable, no. And there’s a big difference. While the device can be accessed through the new patent application and wiped out, Apple most likely is not interested in getting themselves in any kind of lawsuit just to make sure that we’re all still only downloading first-party applications. And they certainly don’t want to lose a huge amount of customers who will likely not return for another product after Apple has wiped their first one.

Looking past all of the bad press that the patent application has already received, the application could mean a huge difference in the future of iPhones. With features such as allowing the phone to take a picture of the thief, and speaking to them to let them know that they’ve been caught, this application may be a real breakthrough. Then again, you might feel just as safe as using Apple’s MobileMe, which will also keep your iPhone safe (even though with no sound effects) and one with which you don’t need to worry about having your iPhone wiped!

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