Apple iPhone Hit by Alarm Clock Glitch

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world and it is well known for being one of the best. However, today there was a problem with the phone when an alarm clock glitch caused thousands of people to wake up later than expected and even caused many people to be late for work.

The problem with the iPhone was only experienced in the UK and it was related to the recent changing of the clocks in the country to account for British Summer Time. This is where to account for summer, the whole of the UK turns their clocks forward by one hour.

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It is said that many users have reported that the iPhone alarm clock did not go off at all with others reporting that it went off either one hour early or one hour late. This problem is similar to the alarm clock glitch that hit iPhones in the US a few months ago when Daylight Saving Time came into effect.

It is said that the glitch in the iPhone software only affected users that set their alarms using the Calendar applcation in the iPhone. It is said that those using the dedicated Alarm Clock app were not affected by the bug. Apple has previously promised to solve this problem but it appears they haven’t done as they promised.

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