Pzizz: Get The Best Sleep With Help From Your iPod Touch

Do you have trouble sleeping?  I know more than a few people who do.  Before shelling out for one of those pricey sleep aid supplements designed to ease you into slumber, why not try this app you can use with your iPod Touch that claims to dissolve all your stresses?

While most software that claim to take you into the depths of dreamland usually fail to elicit their claimed results, Pzizz manages to do so.  I should know – it puts me right to bed most every time I use it.

Of course, it sounds a little weird, like one of those meditation aids with soft music playing, waves crashing in the background and some chilly-voiced dude mouthing words designed to put you out of wakefulness.  The onscreen menu for Pzizz gives you two options, one module for going right into deep sleep and another for an energizing powernap that you can download to your iPod Touch’s playlist.  You can customize the length and equalizer options for the music.

pzizz.pngThe sleep module I use consists of a 30-minute soundtrack playing on my iPod Touch that I’ve never ever listened to in its entirety as I’m usually knocked out within five minutes of it playing.  The “Energizer” option, though, is a little strange for me, as I’m not a big fan of powernaps.  It will sound off with a very loud buzzer at the end to rouse you out of the brief nap – and yes, it’s damn irritating.

According to Pzizz, the app can mix the sounds, words and music integrated in the software into over one billion combinations that both help put you to sleep yet keep your subconscious active, leading into a very refreshing respite. It’s not cheap though – a copy of Pzizz costs a steep $49.95.  If you find it hard to get to sleep, though, it’s a small price to pay for what is a really effective piece of software.

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