Inhibitor Rotation – Turn Off Auto-Rotate Feature

Do you know what is Inhibitor Rotation for your iPod touch?


Uhmmm, better read this!


Inhibitor of rotation is a shift SBSettings (I truly love SBSettings) The switch allows you to enable / disable auto-rotation feature. This includes self-rotation in Safari, iPod or something else that changes direction when you turn your iPhone or iPod Touch. I was super excited when I saw this change in Cydia. I do not know about you but when I am lying in bed and surf the internet. It is so annoying when my iPhone switches to landscape mode (or continue to rotate between portrait and fashion landscape!.) Anyway, once you install it, you will have to go SBSettings and make sure it is enabled. If it does not automatically go into more opportunity in SBSettings then set the switches and turn during the rotation.

When you press and hold the direction button (in SBSettings), you will notice a small shop located at the bottom of the screen with one of the four options listed, the right of the landscape, left landscape, portrait and portrait upside down. This allows you to choose the direction you want on your iPhone or iPod Touch to stay. So let’s say off the rotation (which will disable the auto-rotation), then select Vertical. This means that everything shown in the picture … and not run out of sight picture. If you select just the right shows the landscape in landscape mode where you must rotate the device to the right to read … and shall not depart from this point of view.

I found that when I updated the application, the council removed my winter mods. However, the developer indicates that you can respring your iPhone or iPod Touch, and they will all come back. I just went in the winter board and unchecked and rechecked my theme and everything came back without any problems. Let me know in the comments if you like the update, and if the application works correctly for you.

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