Flash Player for iPad

Flash Player for iPad

We all know that Apple does not allow Flash player for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. However, there is a way to get Flash on the iPad. The iPhone Dev Team Member @ comex has “Flash 10.1 for Android” iOS which you can install on your iPad.

Comex has announced Frash, a full version of Adobe Flash Player, which lets you see all the sites and Most flash applications in the Safari browser, iPhone and iPad.

Frash is being made possible by the plugin called Flash for Android, which is becoming compatible with the iPad and iPhone. At present, you can run Flash on the iPad, but can also be run on the iPhone (3G version) and firmware 4.0.

We are still waiting for the public version of frash for iPad, while Comex has posted the code on its website that developers can download, upgrade and re-upload.

To clear your doubts, Comex has released a demo video that was shot with an iPhone using iMovie 4. Watch the Flash player for ipad video below:

Adobe was recently still working hard to bring Flash Player for iPad and flash player for ipod touch. Because of this flash problem, many iPad users try to jailbreak their device and use third party ipad apps to get flash player work on ipad.

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