How to Back up Your iPad

Owners of the iPad may have already come to realize just in the last few months, how essential the device has become for their daily tasks, and has many people already asking how they lived without it before. But, what do you do when your iPad crashes? Not only are the apps on there, but also all of your documents, videos, music, calendars, and everything else that you need to do well, just about anything. So, how can you back up your iPad?

The question isn’t really how to do it but rather, where to find it. Every time you sync your iPad, it automatically creates a backup file of everything on your device and places that file right onto your computer. You can find this  path by choosing: login name>library>application support>mobile synch>backup. Drag all of the files from there into your trash bin and then empty the trash. This will remove all of the files from your iPad. Next, you need to get the backup files onto your iPad. This software is rather different then windows backup software

You can do this now by plugging in your iPad. When you do this, it will ask you if you want to restore the backup? Select “yes”, and in a few moments, the iPad will be fully restored and ready to use. But, you may notice that there still isn’t any music or video on your iPad. For those files, you need to go through iTunes and replace all of these back on your device. Plug in your iPad as normal, and go through iTunes, selecting the songs and video that you want to sync as you normally would.

Not needing to manually do the backup of the iPad itself, doing so would seem like a fairly task. If you know the path of where the backup is stored on your iPad it will be, but this is often the bit that tends to get people stuck.

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