Top 10 iPhone Security Tips For iOS 12

Top 10 iPhone Security Tips For iOS 12Apple Repo, iOS applications are known for their high-end security features. Most of businesses or company that have their iOS app hire a iOS app developer who is well versed in the skill. The point is clear that they don’t want to deliver anything less than the best to the users. However, as a user it is obvious for you to be worried about your device security.  Not to worry as here we bring 10 iPhone security tips for iOS 12 that are here to vanish away those tensions.

Top 10 iPhone security tips for iOS 12
Top 10 iPhone security tips for iOS 12

Top 10 iPhone Security Tips For iOS 12

Use Alphanumeric

The first and easiest way to secure your iPhone is to have a strong and secure password. Without a secure password, you are just as vulnerable as a device without a password, a completely open book. However, by default your iPhone only allows you to set four or six digits. Your password needs to be alphanumeric, and by alphanumeric, we mean a password that has both numbers and alphabets. This gives more options for creating a stronger password, which cannot be just determined by trying out certain combinations or a simple brute force attack. To enable this in your iPhone all you have to do is follow these simple effects.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go down to the face id and passcode or touch id and passcode
  3. It’s going to ask for your password if you have one
  4. Then again scroll down to the change password, there enter your current password
  5. Now in this tab select the passcode options
  6. In passcode, options set it to custom alphanumeric

That’s it now you can simply set a new alphanumeric password for your device.

Secure Your Lockscreen

Your lock screen can reveal a lot of information about you, and so it is important to secure your look screen. By default your lock screen shows a lot of information that it should, for instance, anyone can turn on your aeroplane mode, in case they stole it or you lost, this won’t let you track your iPhone via Find my iPhone or any other app. So these small things might leave you a little vulnerable. However, we can customize our look screen to reveal minimal or no information at all.

  1. Now again go to settings
  2. GO to face id or touch id and put in your passcode.
  3. If you scroll down you will see some options under the tab “allow access when locked.”

Here you can turn off the things you don’t want to have access when locked.

Using A Different Password For Different Apps Or Websites 

Now imagine somehow you told someone your password or they just hacked into your device. In case something like this happens you wouldn’t want these people to meddle with something really private like your social media accounts or you baking details, etc. That is why it is always recommended to use a different password for extremely sensitive information on your device.

Well, if you are worried about forgetting all these different passwords then there are different applications that can help you out, or you can just use a variation of a single password. Either way its much safer than just a centralized password.

Erase Data 

Someone can access your data by just keep guessing wrong passwords if they have infinite chances. Well, this is not something we would want. So its better to set your device to delete your data after a certain number of chances. This can easily be done from the settings options. With this, if someone tries to illegitimately try to access your data and fail to do so within 10 tries then all your data will be erased. The amazing thing about the iPhone is that after 5 tries the iPhone gets locked, in case you or someone mistakenly typed the wrong password. 

USB Restricted Mode

This a new feature of ios, which prevents USB connections from establishing a data connection with your device. This feature prevents the illegal transfer of data from the iPhone to an external device or vice versa. So be aware of “juice jacking”, which refers to installing malware to a device.

You can turn on this setting from touch id and passcode settings. All you need to do is to make sure that USB accessories are not permitted on the lock screen.

Automatic iOS Updates 

These just help you keep your security patches up to date and also introduce new features to the ios, without your involvement.

Enable Find My Phone

Like we said before you can track your device using this feature, in case it gets stolen or you misplace it.

Disable Lock Screen Options

Lock Screen features are shortcuts to some of the features or applications of your device. This can provide direct access to these features to anyone. So it’s better to turn them off, if not frequently used.


It is always recommended to use a VPN whenever using public internet or wifi. There are a lot of hackers that might try to exploit your device, and who knows they might succeed. But VPN creates a personal network and protects you.

Two Factor Authentication 

It is a way of setting up a second layer of id authentication apart from the passcode of your device. It’s usually better to have a 2FA just in case for protection.

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