How to Make Your iPad More Secure

While the iPad may be an ingenious device, there’s no doubt that it is a very expensive gadget, and you most likely want to make sure that all the apps and data that you’ve so painstakingly downloaded remains safe and secure, and for your eyes only. So, how do you make the iPad more secure? There are actually a few ways you can do it. 

Of course the first step is to put a passcode on it. However, be wary when you do this. It’s not going to work if anyone has extended access to your iPad and a computer. All they’ll have to do is hook up the iPad to their computer and remove the passcode. So while this might be a good way to protect your iPad, it’s only good so long as you’re the only one that has access to it.

The iPad also has a really cool feature that goes along with the passcode. That is the automatic data erasing feature. This feature will kick in if someone tries to enter your passcode unsuccessfully ten times in a row. After the tenth time, it will essentially erase all of the data on your iPad so prying eyes won’t be able to see it. But with this one too, there’s a catch. Make sure that you always remember your passcode, and that if you have kids or someone else that might not be great with memory, you are the only one that enters the passcode on the iPad.

If you like the idea of not permanently erasing the iPad’s data, you can also try to limit the iPad’s functionality. This can be done by setting the restrictions feature within settings to limit apps such as YouTube, Safari, and anything else you might want to block. While this might not save your iPad from getting stolen, it can be a way to render your iPad completely useless, or to keep your children from viewing things that you don’t want them to look at.

MobileMe has tons of stuff for your iPad like syncing, backing up data, and making sure that your information is safe. One of its security features is a remote wipe, which will clean out your iPad should it ever become lost or stolen. But there’s a downside on this one too. It costs $99.

Lastly, make sure that you’re regularly installing your updates. Of the many things that Apple looks for when they’re creating the updates, there are also security patches sometimes included. So miss out on one of those, and you could be putting your iPad at risk even though Apple has already devised a way to take care of it.

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