10 Best Chat Apps For Entertainment

10 Best Chat Apps For Entertainment. As the technology develops, and smart phones play a more and more important role in our daily lives we have to keep up with all the apps available. With the wide variety of Smartphone apps that are available how do you know which one to use or not? You have to decide what you need the app for. If you want an app for fun, you choose a game. If you want it to help you keep in touch with your friends, you choose a chat app. Here are some ideas for chat apps that can help you talk to your friends and family free of charge.

IM (instant messenger)

Being one of the best free chat app for iPhones and iPads, IM allows its users to send text messages, videos, photos and video notes. As a user, you can have multiple accounts per service and you get notification via email when you have new messages.


Skype has a long history of online chatting and internet calling. Skype app allows you to send instant messages to your friends, make video calls, share photos and even to call mobiles and landlines.

eBuddy Messenger

With more than 5 million installations, eBuddy Messenger is one of the most popular chat apps among the iPhone and iPad’s users. This app brings something new to its user as it allows them to chat on AIM, Facebook Chat, GoogleTalk, MSN, MySpace, and all the other personalized chats.


Being also a popular chat, ZinzzChat allows its users to send unlimited messages, you need are 3GrWi-Fi, and you can write as many text messages you want.


Wechat is an app used by more than 300 million of Smartphone’s owners. It has a friendly interface, and it lets you send text messages and make video calls to your friends.

Trillian – With its easy to use interface, Trillian helps you chat with your loved ones easy and simple. You can send unlimited text messages, photos, and videos, free of charge.


Viber chat is also a very popular chat app among android devices. Its users are extremely content with its capability to make free HD video calls.


Tango is also the choice of millions of Smartphone users. The novelty about this app is that it allows you to personalize your text messages by using the Tango Surprise feature.

Kakao Talk

Users love Kakao Talk for its possibility to support HD calls. This is the main reason why there are more than 70 million of downloads and installations.


The Smartphone users with LINE installed on their devices can send free of charge, unlimited number of text messages using its chatting system.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz comes with lots of useful features and beautiful user interface. You can install this app free of charge on your iPhone or iPad to start chatting with your friends

We define our lives by the things we do and the things that happen to us during the day. When you do something or when something important happens to you, you just want to tell your friends and family about it. These free apps are there to make sure that there is nothing left unsaid.

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