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iPod Music Transfer. IPods are getting ever increasingly popular these days as the number one type of mp3 player. The latest music can be downloaded onto your iPod and now you can get an mp3 for every song ever recorded. When you first purchase it, iPod music transfer can be a little bit of a daunting task which is why this article was written. This article will explore the basics of iPod music transfer, including how to set up music files for your iPod and ultimately how to do the iPod music transfer after the mp3 setup.

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When doing iPod music transfer the first thing you need to do is to set up the music files. Firstly you need to go to the Apple site and download the iTunes application. Once you have downloaded and installed iTunes onto your computer you can then load the mp3 or music tracks into the iTunes application. Also what you are able to do if you have any CDs is you convert the CD tracks into mp3 format for place into iTunes. The modern version of windows media player (for a PC) is able to do that for you. On the iTunes site you can also purchase mp3 tracks. You can choose from many thousands of music tracks. Just download the track onto your PC and place into the iTunes folder. Once you have all your mp3 tracks ready it is time for the iPod Music transfer process.

So next we are going to transfer the mp3 music files from our iTunes application to our iPod. This is where the real iPod music transfer starts to happen! First off you need to plug the USB cable from your iPod to your Apple Mac or PC. Next, within the iTunes application there is the option to “Sync iPod”. Press this button and wait. It’s as simple as that. The iPod music transfer will automatically happen after you have pressed sync! Once you have waited for the music transfer to complete, all you need to do is to listen to your tracks on your iPod! Now there may be the possibility of you not wanting to download all of the tracks onto your iPod. In this case all you need to do for the music transfer to the iPod is to put iTunes into manual mode and transfer only selected songs.

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