Apps that are a Must for your iPhone

Must Have iPhone Apps. Ever since Apple has brought out the new iPhone 4, the market has been overflowing with iphone apps. Taking a step further than the other successful versions, the iPhone 4 OS includes many features. One feature that has gotten users all excited is the multitask feature or in other words the iPhone 4 is capable of running several applications all at once.

The multitask feature on the iPhone 4 is not only for new iphone apps. Older iphone apps have improved with the use of this feature. There may not be that many apps that use the multitask at its best but the apps for iphone that apply it proves how impressive the feature is.

Find out more about the new features of the iOS 4 aside from the one mentioned. Here’s a list of 5 of the best free iphone 4 Apps.

WordPress App

Among the many apps available for the iPhone 4 that aide in making blogging simpler, no application is better than WordPress. This iphone application can be used for both iPhones and iPads, and it’s completely free. With this application users can now edit posts, make new posts and edit comments with ease. What makes this application special is that you can switch browsers and go through pictures without having to disconnect from WordPress. Blogging on the iPhone has never been made easier.

Linkedln with iPhone 4

With this iphone application you will be able to see the potential of the multitasking feature of the iPhone 4. The LinkedIn app is a social media connector that lets users connect to facebook, twitter and word press all at the same time. And the best part about is that, it’s free as well. You can now make a new blog entry and make an announcement on twitter simultaneously. As soon as you finish your post, it can immediately be posted on twitter.

Using Multitasking together with Audiobooks App

With the new multitasking feature included in the new iPhone 4, you can now listen to Audiobook while doing something else with your iPhone. This addition to the iPhone OS you put on your Audiobook and check out your Facebook or browse through the internet at the same time which older versions were incapable of. Also, using this application you will find that going through your audiobooks will be easier because it arranges all your books.

Use Evernote for better Organization

Evernote has been placed on the top 10 iPhone apps of bloggers everywhere. Its usefulness allows users to take written or verbal notes and store them online or offline by syncing app with other programs, at the same time organizes them easily.

Pandora was made for iPhone 4

Pandora is a well known app for the iPhone and also the iPod touch. This popular music app allows users to listen to anything they want with no pay. Aside from that it’s a discovery and recommendation engine, which means that users can either pick what to listen to or the app will recommend and you could use in-app purchases to download the song. The problem with Pandora is, if you’re using the app, you can’t use your iPhone for anything else. However, with multitask feature of the iPhone 4 OS, you can now use Pandora and play, use the internet or check on your blog at the same time.

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