FarmVille App for iPod Touch Not Only Free, But Updated Too!

FarmVille is the latest game craze going around on the Internet with Facebook being the biggest user interface for the game. Even those who don’t have a FarmVille account at least know about the game and know that it includes things like planting and harvesting crops, and like any good game, collecting coins along the way. And, everyone also knows how addictive the game is! With everyone having to hurry to get to a laptop or PC every hour to harvest their crops, this is one game where it’s essential that  you have access to it at all times. And with the FarmVille app, you can!

The app lets you access your FarmVille account without having to go to the trouble of logging into your Facebook account and then loading the application from within. Just get out your Touch, open the app, and you’re good to go. The app plays out exactly like the game, giving you a variety of vegetables and fruits to plant, and allowing you to decorate, as well as expand, your farmland. Not only does the app let you play the game exactly as you would any other way, it also comes with tons of other features too.

One FarmVille app is not limited to one user account. So you can logout, hand your Touch over to your friend, and let them check in to see their FarmVille farm too. Plus you’ll get notifications and iOS4 users will have access to other great features such as multi-tasking.

When the app first came out, most users found problems with it whether it was crashing or had a problem with speed, or some other random goof. Now though, the FarmVille app has been updated and the glitches have all been taken care of. The app’s gotten nothing but good reviews since the update came out. One thing they didn’t change with the update was the price. It’s still free, and you can download it here.

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