Get a Little Bit Country with Taylor Swift App

Fans of Taylor Swift rejoice! Now there’s an Official Taylor Swift iPhone App that lets you stay in touch with your favorite country crooner wherever you go!

Not only do you get some of Taylor’s biggest hits such as Fifteen and Love Story with this iPhone app, but you also get videos, which are completely free after you download the app. In addition to all of this, the app is also directly linked to Taylor’s Twitter account, which means that every time she tweets, you will be notified within seconds. And even if you’re not on Twitter (and who isn’t), you can also use this app to link to Taylor’s Facebook page, so you’ll get all of those notifications and updates too! Thanks to this Official Taylor Swift iPhone app from iTunes, you can now take your favorite singer with you wherever you take your iPhone – which is just about everywhere, isn’t it?

But Taylor isn’t the only one you can keep in touch with using this app. You can also access the Fan Wall, and meet other fans as well as leave messages for them, and for Taylor herself! And you can stay up to date on all the latest Taylor news, including when she’ll be touring, where she’ll be, and everything else that’s all Taylor all the time. She’ll even let you know what she’s doing behind stage at shows, and when she has cool new t-shirts out, such as her Fearless t-shirts that are available in her online store.

The Official Taylor Swift app for iPhone is definitely an app you need to get if you are a die-hard Taylor Swift fan and need to keep in touch with her at all times. And of course, this app isn’t only available for the iPhone, but the iPod Touch too. Oh, and it’s absolutely free! Get it here!

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