PhotoAge Lite for iPod Touch

Ever wonder when a celebrity says that they’re ‘nearing 40’, how old they really are beneath all of that work and makeup? It’s true, hardly anyone in Hollywood reveals their true age, and sometimes the closest that you get is ‘in her fifties’ or ‘the actor, who’s a grandfather to two.’ But now, you can find out just how old that celebrity really is with the PhotoAge Lite app for the iPod Touch. Just use the Google or Bing browser that’s built right into the app, hop online and find any photo of any celebrity you want. Select a photo and the app will scan it to reveal the true age of the person, regardless of what they say that is.

Truthfully, this app is really just a big tease for the full version. Because honestly, who really cares how old a celebrity is and, if they want to lie about their age, that’s really their business, isn’t it? But, the lite version of this app does show you what you’ll get in the full version, and that’s a little more interesting. In the full version you’ll be able to scan photos of yourself or any other image that you want, which means you can also find out if your friends are lying about their age!

With either version, you can share the results through Twitter or Facebook (although we don’t think it’s very nice to do that to your friends.) And if you want to try out the lite version, it does have one thing that the full version does not – the free price tag. You can download it from iTunes here.

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