Picture Effect Magic

Do you love tweaking your pictures to make them even cooler? Or just to make them funny or playful? Do you like to do more than just tweak your pictures, and like to seriously try your artistic hand with your own photos? If any of these are true for you, then you might want to check out the Picture Effect Magic app for the iPod Touch.

This app is just that – a great app that will let you perform just about any special effect on your pictures that you want. The special effects you can choose from are: swirl effect, ice effect, blur effect, wave effect, glow edge effect, mirror effect, and sketch effect, just to name a few. And while you’re playing around with your pictures you’ll be able to do it all with the easy to use touch controls that appear on the screen. Color effects are available too, but it’s important to know before you get started that those do cost extra.

The app plays in full screen mode and once you’re finished, you can send your pictures to Twitter to Facebook or send them to your friends over Facebook. Imagine their reactions when they see how you’ve transformed their pictures! And even if the color effects cost money, the rest of the app is still free, and that’s good news for anyone who loves a good picture, editing or imaging app. If that’s you then start playing with your pictures by downloading this app here.

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