Now a New Feature in iPhones to Add Life to Your Videos

The latest offering from the Apple Inc iPhone 3Gs, which has variety of, unique features to give you complete smart phone experience will now be much more interesting with the additional features as far as the videos are concerned. The feature known as, allows you to share your videos with your friends and pals via twitter. You can also use this application with the facebook, YouTube and MySpace. All you have to do is to open the app, and just by selecting the video you want to insert or share, you will have to insert a tweet with the video and while the uploading process continues, you can start viewing the video or share it.

Although is just an iPhone app ,the iPhone 3Gs itself offers unique video graphic features like Now you can make quality video with the help of iPhone 3Gs, as it offers you a unique feature to crop your video clips just by holding the start and the end. Then the in-built 3-megapixel camera provides a better focus of the object with the help of auto focus technique.

Other attractive features of this smart phone

Along with this other features, which you can on this smart phone by using appropriate iPod Touch apps from the Apple Store, are –

1) The special voice control on iPhone 3Gs automatically recognizes the voices, so whenever you want to dial any contact or switch on a song you have to neither search for the song nor have to dial the number. All you have to do is to speak.
2) Now, cut, copy and paste are much easier, as you can easily perform these tasks from one application to other in words as well as pictures.
3) Even for the invalid persons who either cannot see or hear, iPhone 3Gs has important features to offer like zoom feature, black and white display and Mono Audio.
4) For business minded ones, this latest offering from Apple has the ability to show financial details, charts and even you can access any business related updates.
5) While to capture your best moments of life, iPhone 3Gs offers 3-megapixel camera with the option of auto focus for better focus on any object.

Meanwhile, one of its most important features also includes digital compass. Suppose you are traveling in an unknown location, then the digital compass, will certainly guide you regarding which direction you are heading. However, the feature is yet not complete and all you can detect is the north direction, if you are not using any direction iPhone apps but certainly, by applying it to Google maps you can get the details of the direction. This feature is definitely lacking in its previous versions.

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