Facebook Places now Available in the UK

The Facebook application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch devices is one of the most downloaded social networking apps for the devices. The Facebook app is made so that users can access their Facebook account on the move and it works well. However, Facebooks latest feature; Places, has only been available in the United States up until now, but now it has been released in the United Kingdom too.

The Places feature of the Facebook application has received a lot of criticism since it was released as there have been concerns about the privacy issues involved with the feature. The idea of Places in the iPhone app is that it will allow you to broadcast where you currently are in the world to your friends so that they can come and meet up with you if they are in the same area. Obviously, this does have privacy issues and the feature can be turned off if you need it to be.

Up until now, the feature has not been available for users in the United Kingdom, but as of today, the feature is said to be available and users can enjoy the exact same feature as the US users can. Facebook say this is a great way to discover new places and discover new friends and is expecting this feature to be a big hit in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

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