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There are all kinds of shopping apps out there that will each do a few different things for you. But The Find app for the iPod Touch takes all of those great features and puts them all into one app. We’re not saying this is the only app you’ll find in the App Store but if you love shopping, then you really can’t have too many of these right? So, what all does this app do?

Of course, it lets you check the prices of just about anything you want, whether you want to know what the price is online or near a store near you. If it finds a store near you and you don’t know where it is, it’ll map it out for you. Once you get to the store, if you find something you like but can’t find the price of it, use the barcode scanner to check it out and the app will tell you the price. And, it does lots for when you’re not in the store too.

One of those things is that it will sync with you. So whether you want to whip out the app, or go online, you can always check out your account and search for more great buys that are out there. If you’ve “Liked” any stores or brands on Facebook, it will highlight those for you too, so that you can always quickly go back to all of your favorite brands; and it will also tell you about all the coupons and promotions that are associated with any store or item that you’re interested in. And, when you find something that you really love, save it in ‘My Finds’ and it’ll always be there for you.

Like all good shopping apps, this one wants you to save your money for when you’re at the mall. So the developers have offered this app for free, and you can download it here.

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