The Free Toy Story 3 App for the iPhone

Toy Story 3 iPhone Games. iPhone Games, Among the blitz that the movie Toy Story 3 has put on the world, comes the free Toy Story 3 app for the iPhone. Download the app for free and you’ll step into a world where everything is a toy, and at each turn there’s a new game to play! Not only will this app bring you everything from the world of Toy Story, but the game will customize itself to the player by asking questions about the player and using them in the game.

Toy Story iPhone Games
As you move forward in the Toy Story 3 iPhone game app and advance levels, you can use pins to unlock other levels and to celebrate your achievements. Collect enough Pin Points, and just see how much farther they get you in the games. You can also announce to your friends on your Buddy List how you are doing in the game by using the leaderboard that’s built into the game and will let you compare your stats with that of your friends quickly and easily!

When you want to celebrate all that is Toy Story 3, this is the app that will let you do just that. The iPhone app is compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or the iPad but those using an iPod Touch will need to make sure that they also have a Wi-Fi connection. The Toy Story 3 app can be downloaded here.

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  1. My kid will love this app. He is loving the movie and keep the 3d sunglasses. For sur i will add that to my iphone

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