Keep Defenders iPhone App Review: the Good, the Bad and Some Suggestions

I do love strategy games; when I start playing, I will never stop until I can finish the game up or, at least, have achieved something. The point is, a game should be entertaining enough. When I played an iPhone game app called Keep Defenders, I am not too sure how to describe it. Obviously, it is a strategy game.

When it comes to games in my iPhone, I don’t usually expect more because I know iPhone apps cannot just surpass the capabilities of PC games. In short, I don’t expect superb visual effects, Hi-Fi sounds, smooth controls, more challenging levels, etc…but what I expect from iPhone game apps is the entertainment factor which usually comes when you play any games–that’s the true essence of playing, right?

I am thrilled to review Keep Defenders developed by Itty-Bitty Games LLC. I played this iPhone game for about two days while jutting down the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the app and the game in general. Now I want to share with you some aspects of this game.

The Good

Here are some of the positive aspects of Keep Defenders.

  • The app loads faster compared with other iPhone games. Only a few can notice this but for me, it is very important as I don’t want to wait longer just to play a game.
  • The graphics is more vivid than other game apps in the same category. This, too, is quite important for a person who is used to playing high definition games on PC or other consoles.
  • Sound quality is good compared to other games in its category.
  • Keep Defenders iPhone app is free; this is why there are a lot who have tried playing this game.

The Bad

Here are some of the negative aspects of Keep Defenders iPhone game application;

  • Controls are a total mess. This game could have been better if played with a mouse. The developer should have thought of easy way to select or control the units. For example, a double tap should select all your units so that you can have them execute one command at the same time.
  • There is only 3 campaigns which are not challenging. Should the game is given more campaigns with different difficulty levels, it could have been better and more entertaining.
  • Overall, the game is not entertaining enough. Good thing it was offered free because even if it were given a price of $0.99, no one would want to waste their money and time.

Some Suggestions

The developer promised new levels, and it has been a year since it was released, but nothing came. Should Itty-Bitty Games LLC plans on releasing a new version of this game, here are some of my suggestions and recommendations on what to add to make it better.

  • A player should be able to use a button to select all units without drawing a rectangle.
  • There should be at least two formations a player can use to make his units more effective in battle.
  • Some challenging levels and campaigns.
  • Improve control functionalities.

This review is subjective since I am basing it from my own experience and impression. Other players may love this game as it is, but I can’t. In fairness to the developer, who worked hard enough to bring this iPhone game app to the public for free, the game is better than other strategy games in its category. A little improvement will certainly make this app more entertaining. Also, it would be better to choose good iPhone accessories to complement the efficiency of your gadget and to add something to the aesthetics of your iPhone.

More Information:

Developer: Itty-Bitty Games LLC

File Size: 33.8 MB

Release Date: October 23, 2009

App Version Reviewed: 1.1

Played on: iPhone 3Gs

Download Link: Keep Defenders

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  1. Whatever you say here does not change the way I look at Keep Defenders. Yeah, I agree there are some points which need improvement, but I just love this game. But you write very well! Your review is good and realistic!

    I am not a native english speaker but I know you are a good writer. You may want to consider writing for me. Just write me an email anytime. Just make this post as a reference.


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