Free iPhone Games; Stickman: Summer Games Lite

Stickman is a game that is currently in the top 25 most downloaded games in the iTunes app store and it is there for a reason. The game offers a really fresh approach to gaming on the iPhone as there are no extremely well made graphics or anything like that. The game is basically a stickman and some graph paper in the background which makes for a very old school gaming experience.

The game has been released just in time for summer as it features some of the best summer games out there. The idea of the game is that you simply play these summer games; there’s nothing more complicated than that. There are a number of games in the full version of the game which is currently on sale for a limited time only including the javelin throw, 100 meters and 400 meters races, long jump and much more. The free lite version of the game only co0natins the 100 meters race and 1500 meters race however.

In the full version of the game, there is also Openfeint support which allows you to keep track of your scores and even enter them onto a global leaderboard. The free version doesn’t have this feature however and does not allow you to submit your high scores online at all. Nonetheless, the game is extremely fun and addictive and we are sure you will purchase the full version once you have played it.

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