Wordity iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

Wordity is a good that has been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices over the past few months and it is a great game that is also very educational. The game is great for English speakers but it would not really be so good if you don’t speak very good English.

The idea of the Wordity game for the iPhone and iPod Touch is basically that you complete a number of different levels that will require you to find words in a word search, as well as other things. This game is basically a word game that has many different things including word searches and other levels that will require a good knowledge of the English language in order to play. The fantastic thing about this game is that it is extremely fun and it is also educational, without the player even realising it. As well as word searches, you can also play anagrams on this application and this is another extremely fun game

One of the things that we noticed whilst playing this game is that some of the words seem to be a little strange. A lot of the words tended to be names or words that were not really in the dictionary and this made the game a little harder. Overall though, this is an extremely fun game that will see you having hours of fun whilst also increasing your knowledge of the English language. There are a number of multiplayer options too.

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